Our Story

Hey, it's Sabii

And we're here to deliver clean effective products that help you develop your best routine for ‘perfect skin’ your way. Our products are filled with the high quality skin-loving superfoods, chosen carefully to deliver maximum results. Finally, skincare that’s nourishing, naturally preserved, vegan, and cruelty free—without any of those pesky artificial fragrances.

“I want to remove the idea of what 'Perfect Skin' looks like.Perfect skin = Healthy Skin, healthy skin has hair, scars, pores, and is multi-toned.
Candice Sabiduria

Candice Sabiduria our founder
After struggling with acne, acne scarring, and eczema in 5th grade I tried numerous store-bought products that didn’t work or made my skin worse.

My middle name is Sabiduria which means wisdom and Sabii means wise, that's what I wanted to create wise skincare filled with the best skin-loving superfood ingredients. So I started formulating products and fast forward to 2021, I opened SABii SKiNCARE so others can experience healthier skin too.


Our founder Candice Sabiduria (Can-diss) (Sah-bee-doo-ree-ah) & Our brand name Sabii Skincare (Sah-bee)